ANGRY RANT_ How to Handle NO SHOWS (1)




That frustrating feeling when prospects don't turn up for their appointment has a name.

And it's called a 'No Show'.

Social media is full of 'No Show Hell' and horror stories recounted in gory detail by agents.

Many such stories make for quite an entertaining read.
Generally, all it comes down to is,
"He said, She said.."

I'm not surprised.

No Shows Are 100% Guaranteed to Happen

It's virtually impossible, like most things in life, to have a 100% show-up rates.

In fact, asking for every single prospect to turn up is just wishful thinking.

It's impossible!

The fact of the matter is, accidents happen, last-minute stuff comes up, people die, babies get born.

Such is life.

But then, there are some agents who take no-shows too personally.

Way too personally so that they then start taking revenge from those prospects.

They expose the Identity Card details, pictures and names of prospects online.

That's downright creepy.
And vengeful. 
Pathetic even.

And I strongly disapprove of that.
Last I checked, doxing is illegal.
It could, and should, get you in jail.

Doxing is ILLEGAL!

By saying this, I'm going to be making those agents angry.

But I don't care.

I wish to make the real estate industry great again!

So, why do some property agents take it too personally?

Two big reasons:

  1. They have a low self esteem and cannot take rejection in any of its forms (apparently, not showing up is rejection)!
  2. They have too few leads and too few appointments in the first place, so even if they get a half-hearted yes, agents jump up for joy, but cry foul when the half-hearted prospect proves true to himself!

Surprising? Hardly.

Let me explain further.

Agents' Egos Are Woefully Fragile

The sales profession has lost its respect.

People no longer look up to salespeople.
Who wants to become a salesman when they grow up? (Answer? Nobody!)
They all grow up wanting to become doctor, lawyer, engineer, firefighter, princess etc. etc.

Salespeople are called names like:

  • sleazy
  • snake-oil
  • sly
  • smooth-talker
  • hard seller
  • ad nauseum

All these sound like curse words.

Consequently, salespeople and property agents in particular, have a fragile self worth.

They cannot take rejection.

So when prospects don't turn up, they get up in arms and start posting angry exposes and screenshots.

Somehow, no shows makes property agents keyboard warriors in no time! LOL!

In fact, the real reason is that they're actually pretty desperate.


Struggling Property Agents Are the Worst Enemies of No Shows

Think about this.

If you don't have any leads coming in, month-in, month-out, if you have had just 1 single appointment in the last 30 days, what are the chances of you getting very angry at somebody not showing up for an appointment?

Very high, won't you agree?

Those property agents take this very personally.

Let me tell you like it is: GROW UP!

7 No B.S. Truths About No Shows

  1. It's not about you. It's about them (get over 'ME, ME, ME' already)!
  2. They don't care about you as much you care about them or their business!
  3. If you have no shows, then your filtering and follow up is bad (if it was good, why would you end up with so many no shows?) Conversely, good follow up should throw away 'bad' prospects from your calendar!1!
  4. You didn't listen to your gut. Your gut told you not to accept, but you got fooled by their 'enthusiasm'. Listen to your gut next time!
  5. If you have an overflow of leads, you can afford to pick and choose; conversely, if you don't have any leads, you cannot afford to pick and choose and must take whoever comes your way (that 'whoever' is a No Show waiting to happen)!
  6.  The Value of your time to prospects is almost zero, until and unless you give them what they want (figure out whatever that is)!
  7. If you get a no show, move on! No need to act dramatic and be a drama queen. Misery loves company, and if you complain, expect to attract even more bad experiences your way. Then, it's totally your fault!

Get it?

Now, stop acting like a cry baby and go sell some homes!

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