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How to Set and Forget Automated Follow Ups That Churns out Appointments with People You Spoke to Years Ago?1 min read



"Singapore is so small! What if other agents get to my leads or clients?"

I heard this one from one of my agents.

Do you find yourself asking this question too?

I don't blame you! You may have had your leads and clients stolen by other agents before. Worse, that agent might even be the client's brother, uncle or cousin! That's why you might even suspect that hey, since this is such a small world, there's less business to go around!

In short, many agents fall prey to a scarcity mindset.

And today, I decided to talk more about that.

You're not alone!

It had happened to me!

I was sitting at home, and I could hear my mum and siblings in the other room talking. They had no idea what had just happened.

I was sitting there freaked out because another agent had just stolen away my client, and I had no idea how I was going to get paid.

I started to get a shooting pain in my stomach. It felt like a heart attack, but it was lower in my gut. I felt this pressure coming down and I literally felt like someone was sitting on my neck. It got so heavy that I couldn't lift my head. The only thing I could see were the palms of my hands, and they were sweating, yet I was freezing cold. My whole body was shaking and shivering because I was in so much pain and frustration, yet I was frozen with fear.

I was now very afraid whenever I felt an agent sniffing around my leads and clients. It took me a long time to overcome this fear.

I had become a realtor back in 2008 to support my hard-working mother. After 8 long months, I managed to close my first few deals. And I was doing financially ok.

But now, I was having trouble with keeping my leads and clients only to myself. The business that I worked so hard to build was almost breaking up.

My business was breaking up

The fear of losing business made me very worried. Was there no end to my struggles? I had barely closed one deal, after months, and now I was back to zero!

Unfortunately for me, it wasn't long until I realised that it was a way of life.

Clients were fickle creatures.

It was a necessary evil of being an agent... Sort of like an occupational hazard that came with the job.

I had work to do and an income to earn, so I went back to prospecting and tried hard to steel myself up.

Then something shocking happened

Time flew until I was 3 years into my business. I learned to live with it.

So one day I taken completely by surprise when a previous lead who I thought was dead (that is, wasn't serious), turned up and ended up buying from me.

When I looked closer, I realised I had been communicating with them all this while. It was a simple follow up that I had set up all those years ago! Ironically, I was too impatient to close when I was starting out; wishing prospects to buy homes from me. I realised one thing; You can't force people to buy whenever you want them to. They'll only buy when THEY are ready!

I had ended up only working with a tiny pool of ready-to-act prospects who were ready to buy NOW.

But it was the follow up and nurturing of long term prospects I almost discarded (which suddenly turned to NOW business) that really surprised me!

I had discovered what all long timers already knew by painful experience: that every week, there were prospects ready to buy or sell who were not ready last year! Future prospects were turning current every week!

I decided to do something about it

I couldn't afford to be shortsighted anymore!

Since this was a long-term business, I needed to be PATIENT!

  1. I needed a way to prioritise those who were ready to act now;
  2. I needed an autopilot efficient way to keep in touch with all those who might be ready in future

So I created a plan (and that was how my automated follow up strategy was born). I decided I would treat different prospects differently. All ready-to-act prospects would naturally see me in an appointment. But those not ready yet, for whatever reason, had to be placed on an automated follow up, so that by the time they were ready, I was their natural choice of agent!

Client stealing became irrelevant!

This made the arguments of Singapore being too small and client poaching by competitors totally irrelevant!

For the first time in my agent career, I was no longer at the mercy of others! I was proactive!

And the longer I stayed in this business, I realised more and more that, in this business, follow up is everything!

And the more I realised too, that, many agents needed help with that too.

That is when I created my own agentLEADS platform to take the pain out of follow up.

You'll no longer need to worry about Singapore being so small or that realtors who are relatives of clients will steal them away. You'll be the right agent at the right time at the right place whenever future prospects are turning current!

Now, how powerful is that?!

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