Which is important? Leads or appointments?

Given a choice, which would you choose?

So, a lot of agents do not know whether they want more leads or more appointments and this problem is made worse by the fact that so many amateur marketers out there are now selling leads.

So the focus is on leads… But given a choice, which would you choose?

Would you be willing to choose appointments or leads?

And this is my personal experience, based on agents that I work with…

Obviously, appointments always beat leads!

Because more appointments equals more money and more leads do not necessarily equal to more money!

Here's why! Because when you have a lot of leads, when you speak to a lot of people and you even all the experienced agents may tell you that not every single lead is the same! Right?

Not every lead is the same, but in general, a lot of appointments have much more potential to close than all the leads that you have to speak to, right?

In my personal experience, I’ve never seen any agent get out of business because of too many appointments, but I have seen agents get out of real estate because they had too many leads!

So this is a very important point for you to understand that leads are not necessarily better than appointment…

But appointment in general are a money producing activity and they give you money because you can you can close the appointment, then you get a cheque right?

So, this is how it works…

This business real estate business is all about appointments!

Anybody can get leads!
Anybody can sell you leads!

And if anybody tries to tell you that it's all about the leads, then this is bs!
It's not true! It's all about appointments!

Because when you get a lead, what do you have to sell them?
You have to sell them an appointment right?

Over the phone you can't sell them a house!! Right?
This is simply not possible… Over an ad that you show them, you can't sell the house as well right?!

So, it's all about appointments… and it's all about becoming better at getting appointments…

You know, the skill of getting leads is good… But the skill of getting appointments will actually feed you!
This is a much more important skill to master! The skill of getting appointments!

And for your information, all these marketers out there promising you a ton of leads are making easy business off of you!
If anybody can generate a lead or get inquiries, but who is the one they sell that? Do these people sell appointments? I don't think so!

And who is the one who ends up actually booking the appointment? You the real estate agent right!!

So, you must understand that all these amateur marketers do not understand the business!

They've never sold a house in their life before!! And they're trying to sell you based on what they think you need!

Is the thing that you need is more leads?
No my friend! You need more appointments!

And more appointments means only the most qualified prospects who are ready to buy right now, are ready to invest right now, who are ready to sell right now… they are the ones who get to see you! They are the ones comfortable to meet you in person!

They are the ones who want to see you!
That is an appointment and these are the most qualified prospects that you should be looking after… you should be going after… you should be searching out for… Right?

So get this point straight!

More appointments!

Less emphasis on leads!

Yes, you need leads, because appointments come from leads right?

You need to be able to generate a huge number of number of leads! You need to generate an overflow of leads coming to you…
From there, then you just follow up with them…

Assuming you follow up in a timely manner and assuming you improve your appointment getting skills and the best way to master your appointment getting skill is to master the script!

As simple as that!

Master scripts! Get better at overcoming objections… and convince them to meet up with you… and that is the skill of appointment booking!

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