The Real Reason Why You’re Getting Bad Leads


Are Your Leads BAD?

So you're getting leads. That's good.

After all, leads are the lifeblood of your realtor business, and not having leads is the reason many agents quit.

But are you leads bad? Almost all of them?

Are You 100% Sure?

Just because you cannot close them today doesn't mean they're bad prospects!

They might be FUTURE prospects... those who might become ready-to-buy sometime in the future.

And you've got to have the right strategy for that.

If not, you'll struggle to get business, like I did.

I Was Struggling

I was wasting my money because my team was cherry-picking only the best, most ready-to-buy-right-now prospects, which only made up about 5-10% of the entire volume of prospects were getting.

And I was furious with them.

Because they were wasting 90-95% of my money, by neglecting the so-called 'bad' leads.

At first I thought they were plain lazy. All they wanted was easy money.

Then I had a realisation that, maybe, it was because they were doing what came naturally to them.

I realised they were Hunters. They enjoyed sales. They relished closing. Not closing deals made them cranky.

And I was trying to get them to become Farmers, who patiently cultivate relationships over months and years.

It Was the Agents’ Differences in Personalities

When I realised this, I knew I needed Farmers on my teams too. But it wasn't easy to find agents who were naturally 'Influential'. In other words, I needed to find outgoing, people-friendly agents to look after all those leads that were not closing.

That's how I ended up building my Property Agent Success System.

Two Strategies for Two Prospects

It solved the issue of needing something to cater to everyone, while making it a win-win for all (the agents, the clients, and me.)

This was and still is a much better strategy. You'll need two different approaches for two different types of prospects.

Because Not all Prospects are Equal

Here's what my team did:

  1. For Ready prospects, it was only a matter of timing before they closed. So we had Hunters dealing with these.
  2. For so-called 'bad' prospects, they were not bad, but not ready to buy right now. That required Farmers to nurture them and build relationship with them over time
  3. Any prospects who were rude (in other words they were bad human beings), we deleted them.

Simple? Sounds easy in practice, but it's not, like I realised.

A System Was the Easy Part

I realised having a system was easy.

Managing a larger team was not.

Once again, I was forced to innovate.

And I ended up creating my Team System that solved all of this.

So, the real reason you're getting bad leads has nothing to do with your leads.

It's a fact of life that people who are buying now are always the fewest; and every agent and his upline is already after them.

The Hidden Gold Mine Nobody is Talking About

The hidden Goldmine is actually int he FOLLOW UP!

Remember, it's all about the RELATIONSHIP!

Go and build some!

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Yasser Khan is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YasserKhan.SG who teaches Realtors how to make more Money, have more Time and enjoy more Freedom without all the B.S.


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