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The REAL Reason Why You’re NOT Getting Enough Leads And What to Do About It?



Do you know why so many agents struggle with getting a lot of leads?

The number one reason actually has nothing to do with the agent themselves but the fact that they are running outdated, old school prospecting methods and that's the reason why they are not having enough leads!

Based on my personal experience working with so many agents over the years, and even my own experiences as a realtor, the reason why so many property agents struggle with getting enough leads, getting enough inquiries, is because of the fact that their lead generation process is outdated.

What do I mean by process?

A process is a consistent, systemised way of getting leads without using your time and this is critical to understand because what most agents do is, they use their time…

  • They throw flyers personally or they go out there and do door knocking, which involves their own time…
  • They do cold calling… that involves their time and they go out there and chase people on social media…
  • reply their messages….
  • pick up their phone and just message them one by one by one …and that involves their own time right?

And this is precisely the reason why old school methods cannot be scaled…

And by scaling, I mean multiply the number of leads coming in because your message is being shown to more and more people without YOU, and that is called leverage.

That's the whole idea behind scaling advertising right, because as property agents, what we learn when we join the real estate industry (and what we see everybody else doing) is that everybody invests their own time into prospecting and that is not the way to go if you want fast results… that's not the way to move forward quickly because when you invest your time, you will always run out of time using old school method…

  1. There's no continuity… leads stop when you stop
  2. there's no way to clone yourself… you'll always be bound by time

So, you have to think as a businessman… as an entrepreneur…

As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable...

And your time is best spent in front of a prospect in a meeting or in closings…

But not by doing

  1. cold calling,
  2. door knocking,
  3. prospecting,
  4. networking…

Stop doing all that!

And the number one reason why so many property agents struggle is because suddenly a shiny new kid comes along and he learned some digital marketing which cost seven dollars somewhere else and now he thinks he's a real estate marketing expert and he starts teaching property agents without having sold a house himself!

And because of this lack of real-world, practical education, so many property agents are actually wasting their time… wasting their money… wasting their effort… and all these amateur marketers, they don't know anything about home buying or selling process!

They've never even sold a house in their lives before!

And this is dangerous!

So what you just need as an agent?

What you need to understand is that you need to optimise your time!

You need to use methods of lead generation… methods which do not cost you your time! You can recover your money, but never your lost time!

Yes, these lead generation methods will cost you money!

But even if this lead generation method costs time, that time investment should only be one-time! You shouldn't be doing every single time that you have to get the lead!

If you want to invest your time into cold calling, remember,  you have to pick up the phone, and call them one by one, again and again right?

So it's not scalable right?

Sure, you can close a few deals from there… fine no problem… Yes, you can get deals… you can…

But the volume of deals from manual prospecting is not enough to give you a good living!

You can't retire like that!

You will always be struggling with a few deals!

One deal a month is barely struggling to cover all your costs and all…

Because you do not have enough time, so you must understand the most important thing to get leads, you must use reverse prospecting… you must use lead generation methods which compel prospects to reach out to you, rather than you chasing them with all these old-school methods…

What you're doing is, you are the one chasing them right?
So the better way, the smarter way, the more enlightened way in 2021 and beyond, is to get prospects to call you first!

You know you have to do all the new methods that are coming up…

  • You have to do video marketing…
  • you have to do blogging…
  • you have to do all these new latest social media….
  • Facebook…
  • google…

But then again, when you do all these, make sure that you do not copy what every other agent out there is doing!

Because that’s a recipe for mediocrity!

Because if all you do on those new channels, you're burning your money… you're just wasting your money if all you do is just copy other agents...
And what other events are saying… they're saying “oh sell 1 HDB, buy two condos…” right?

They're all saying the same old thing!

So if you keep saying the same old thing, what prospects have already heard before…. the chances of your message sticking to them and the chances of them asking you or becoming a lead are very low…

They will IGNORE your message!

Because right now, what is happening is that your message is the same as everybody else’s! That's not marketing! That's just blindly copying!

So you can't do that!

So the most important thing, earlier on I mentioned you have to do prospecting that is fully automated and doesn't involve your own personal time…

  • stop doing calling,
  • stop door knocking,
  • stop networking

And when you do, then you want the newer methods of lead generation… you have to do it in such a way that you're not copying other property agents… so if you want a shortcut, if you want a faster way, if you want to compress your learning curve, then my advice is to come to one of my coaching program or courses where I give away all my winning ads… you just have to plug and play, that's it! That's how easy and how simple it is! I’ve done all the work!

I’ve worked with different agents for the past five to six years and before that I was involved as a property agent and you know for the last 10 years I have been busy building a marketing library of all the ads that work right now and in the past… You can use it again, anytime that you want… it's so simple…

You can find out more about details over at yasserkhan.sg. If you have any more questions or if you want me to answer your concerns or give you an example of a winning ad, just hit me up… just ask me a question or comment or just inbox me and I'll be happy to show you!

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