What are you frustrations of being a realtor

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What are the Frustrations of Being a Realtor



What are the Frustrations of Being a Realtor?

Real Estate can be a very rewarding career.

But, can it also be very frustrating? YOU BET!

Understanding our frustrations and even our shortcomings is one way to become a successful Realtor.

So, what are these common frustrations? How do we face it head on? 

Personally, there were 2 things that frustrated me the most about Real Estate.

One had to do with my own SKILL.
Another had to do with REAL ESTATE AGENTS themselves.

In terms of attracting the right kind of prospects, the right kind of customers, it was undeniably frustrating.

And because I couldn't attract the right kind of customers, I wan't making enough money.

Many years ago, I was new at the industry and I did not know the right kind of marketing in order for me to attract the right kind of buyers.

I didn't  get appointments which led to not being able to close deals which also means NO COMMISSION.

I struggled in this area and struggled for 8 long months before seeing my first commission!

With a very unhelpful upline who asked me to do cold calling, to knock on people's doors (which almost got me arrested), to canvassing, and to throwing out flyers.

Let's admit these are very outdated methods.

It's like fishing with your bare hands!

Only if I knew the right thing to do!

Next, about other Real Estate Agents, this also kept me frustrated a lot especially when it came to CO-WORKING.

Many agents has a positive mind, but there is always the exact opposite.

Many agents refused to share their commission and just by that, they were so so hungry and was so selfish.

I have nothing against those agents, but it's just that they have an outdated mindset thinking there's less business to go around.

They resort to hoarding and keep all the leads to themselves. they even advertise NO CO-WORKING on the newspaper!

Trying to figure things out on your own puts you in a much slower pace and much less chances of closing a deal. They minimise their chances of success by doing this.

They are not worried about not enough business, but end up worrying about too much business.

This I speak from experience. That's why I am sharing these with you to help you overcome these frustrations and change your perspective.

Yes, Real Estate is a rewarding career, but it also has its own Test of Frustration.

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