Yasser Khan

The Only 2 Questions Every Agent Needs to Ask Prospects



What is the best way to find out something? Asking questions!

The successful habit of asking questions

No matter how cliched and tired it sounds, questions are the best way to move forward in sales.

In fact, the ability to find out information and the skill of gathering intelligence only comes from mastering the art of asking the right questions.


  • tell you what you need to find out
  • uncover issues
  • probe

But few property agents develop this powerful habit.

Because this habit is critical to our success in Sales, what separates mediocre salesmen from super salesmen is the ability to ask the right kinds of questions and get as much critical information as possible from prospects' answers.

This ability can be developed

The good news is that asking good questions can be developed.

And like most things in life, it takes PRACTICE.

I learnt from my mentor T Harv Eker

"Practice Makes Permanent!"

The BEST real estate script

So, ready to learn the two simple questions you should be asking every real estate prospect?

Here we go:

  1. "What is your timeframe for making a move?"
  2. "Are you working with an agent?"

That's it! Super simple!

Don't let the simplicity fool you. It just works!

What you're doing by asking these questions is:

  • determine whether or not that prospect is serious
  • find out whether or not that prospect is worth your time and effort

Keep to this script and you should see improvements in your closing!

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