Yasser Khan

Should You Use a Script as a Real Estate Agent?



There are really two camps when it comes to using a pre-written script for a sales call or prospecting;

  1. Those who hate sounding like a robot
  2. Those who swear by a script.

So who is right?

Should you use a script?

Based on my experience as a realtor myself, and based on working with many realtors over the years, my answer is a resounding yes.

Here's why.


  • keep you on track
  • empower you with control
  • help you uncover information
  • help you work less and
  • help you close more.

But the trick with scripts is not to sound like a robot.

How Not to Sound Like a Robot?

This is simple, really, but by no means easy.

It takes practice, because,

Practice makes permanent

So, there are 2 simple ways for you to practice;

  1. Do role play with a partner or
  2. Record all of your calls and evaluate

It takes time and bit of discipline to get it right.

Role playing with a mentor allowed me to increase my own closing rates back when I was a realtor.

I skyrocketed my results from a low 20% clsoing rate all the way to a massive 85% ratio.

And it was all because of scripts.

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